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Setting Up an Unlimited Family Plan

Last Updated: Jul 25, 2014

How does the Family Plan work?

With Rdio’s Family plan, you can manage your Family’s Rdio accounts in one place, and save on subscription costs.

New or existing Rdio users can purchase an Rdio Unlimited Family subscription, as the master account. Then he or she can add sub-accounts to their subscription.

You can sign up for the Family Plan here.


What does family billing cost?

Families can add up to five accounts to one plan for a discounted subscription rate. Two accounts cost $17.99 per month. Add a third, fourth or fifth user to your Family Plan for just $5 more.

What if I already have an existing account? Can I add it to an Unlimited Family Plan?

Yup. An existing Rdio account can be added to your Family Billing plan at any time. 

If you have an existing account, your Profile, Collection, Playlists, etc. will remain intact when you join a Family Plan. You won't lose any information, you'll just share a monthly subscription with the other accounts on the Family Plan.

How do I set up a Family Plan?

Log in to Rdio.com and go to Settings > Subscription and choose Unlimited Family to become the master account holder, then invite your plan members.

Invited members will receive a Family Plan email invitation. If the invitee is already an Rdio user, he or she will just need to log in, click the link, and accept.
If the invitee is not an existing user, he or she must register before joining.
Once the invitee accepts, you’ll see his or her email name and profile picture displayed on your Settings page.

How can I remove an account from the Family plan?

If you need to remove an account from your Family Plan, log in to the master account and go to Settings > Subscription—there, you can select ('x') which account you’d like to remove.

What if I want to add more than 5 accounts?

You can add additional accounts for $9.99 per month each.

Can I add a Web-Only plan to Unlimited Family?

Currently Rdio’s Family plan is for Rdio Unlimited only.