Rdio Help Center


Last Updated: Dec 17, 2013

Your Profile page is the hub of your Rdio account. From there, you can easily view your Top Albums and Recent Activity. In the Dashboard header, you can also view your Collection, manage Playlists, view your reviews in one place, and see a list of people you follow and people that follow you.

Click on your name in the upper right hand corner to navigate to your Profile. 

Queue—this is a list of songs, albums, playlists and stations you'd like to listen to. Whenever the item you're currently listening to finishes, whatever's queued up will take its place.
History—go here to see a list of Albums, Songs, and Playlists that you’ve been listening to. 
Collection—keep track of all your favorite artists, albums, and songs on Rdio. You can add songs or albums to your Collection by selecting Add to Collection from the action menu, or by dragging and dropping the cover into your collection on the left hand side in your homepage.

Playlists—you’ll be able to find all of your carefully curated playlists right here on your profile, or from the sidebar on your homepage.

Reviews—written a review on a Song, Album, Artist, or Playlist? You’ll find them all here, along with a handy Edit button if you need to make a change.
Followers and Following—check out a complete list of everyone you follow and everyone that follows you. 
Top Albums—get a glimpse of what albums you’ve listened to the most recently. You can also check out another Rdio user’s profile to see their top listens! 
Play Station—hear a shuffled mix of music from any Collection by clicking the Play Station button.