Rdio Help Center


Last Updated: Nov 03, 2015

What is Rdio?

Rdio is a social jukebox with over 30 million songs to discover, play, and share. Play the songs, albums, and playlists you want, when you want — or turn on a station for a perfect mix of songs. Feeling social? Follow friends, artists, and other music lovers to see what they're playing. Rdio is available on the web through any browser; on our mobile apps for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, iPad, and Windows Phone; and on streaming devices like Sonos and Roku.

Where is Rdio available?

Rdio is currently available in these countries, with support for more regions coming soon—however, due to changing licensing restrictions, not all songs may be available for streaming in your country. Sign up here to be notified when Rdio is available in your country.

Can I travel abroad with Rdio?

Paying subscribers from one of the countries listed here can use Rdio on the web and mobile devices while traveling abroad. Rdio’s mobile apps need to connect with our servers at least once every 30 days.

What are the system requirements?

Rdio on the web works in Firefox 3.6+ (all platforms), Safari (Mac and Windows), Internet Explorer 8+ (Windows), and Google Chrome.

Rdio for iOS requires iOS 7.0+, and works on iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

Rdio for Android requires OS 2.2 and later.

Rdio for BlackBerry works on these devices.

Rdio supports Windows Phone 8.

Where can I get the desktop apps?

Download the Rdio desktop apps here.

And the mobile apps?

Get more information about Rdio's apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone here.

Are Rdio streams high quality?

For web streaming, downloaded and mobile WiFi streaming, our bitrate is 192 kbit/s. On mobile you'll get a rate between 96 kbit/s and 192 kbit/s depending on your app setting and internet connection speed. To enable the highest quality, select 'Always' from the Stream High-Quality Audio app setting. To minimize mobile data use leave the app at it's default setting.

Why don’t you have this band or that album?

We're constantly adding new music to Rdio's catalog. Let us know what music you'd like to made available on Rdio.

If you notice any music marked 'Unavailable' on the site please let us know.

What does the name “Rdio” mean?

It doesn’t mean anything in itself, but it’s a play on the words “radio” and “audio”.

How do you pronounce “Rdio”?

We say “r-dee-oh”.