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Music Discovery on Rdio

Last Updated: Aug 26, 2013

How can I discover music?

If you’re looking for new music, there are a ton of ways to discover it on Rdio—check out the following for a few ideas.


Use the Browse menu in the left-hand sidebar to check out Heavy Rotation, Recent Activity, New Releases and Top Charts.

Discover what your network is listening to by scrolling through the Heavy Rotation’s tailored album display. Hover over the user icons next to each album to see how many friends have listened to it. You can click the number icon to see a full list.

Go to Recent Activity to check out what Your Network has been up to. You’ll see their latest reviews, playlist updates, what they’re adding to their Collections and more.

Top Charts is still the home of the most played-music on Rdio, but now you can see which of your friends have listened to each top hit. Sort by Album, Song, Artist, and even browse through the top Playlists on Rdio.

Be in-the-know with New Releases. Every Tuesday, find out what came out this week, last week, or the week before. You can also click Overview to see the most popular releases from the last few weeks in one place.

Listen to Stations

Stations are the perfect way to “sit back and listen”. You can quickly create a shuffled mix of songs from any Artist’s page, Collection, or Heavy Rotation.

Just click the “Play Station” button anywhere you find it on the site.

Find Similar Artists

You'll see Related Artists listed on the right-hand side of an Artist's page. Use the Related Artists tab (on most artist pages) to view a larger list of “Similar” and “Inspired By” artists.

Follow, follow, follow!

You never know what you might find in other peoples’ profiles, collections and playlists.

Click ‘Find and Invite People’ to find out which of your friends are already on Rdio —you’ll have the option to connect with Facebook, Twitter or your email account directly.

What about people I don’t already know?
The labels, magazines, musicians, and tastemakers you’ll find in our Suggestions section are great for inspiration, discovery, and some pretty fantastic playlists. And Your Network probably follows some pretty interesting people themselves, so you can check their profiles for amped-up discovery.

Explore Rdio Further

Subscribe: See what collections (and connections) other Rdio users are putting together by subscribing to their playlists. You can find popular playlists by hovering over the Browse Music link and selecting Top Charts — once you’re there, click the Playlists sub-tab.

Collaborate: What other music might fit well in your playlist? Enable collaboration and improve your playlists with other peoples’ help.

See what’s new: Dive into New Music Tuesday, and sort through the week’s favorite new releases. The Rdio blog and the NMT Playlists highlight the week’s top releases.

What about genres?

Some of your favorite unheard music probably transcends genre. If you’re still missing genres after using these tips, please send us your thoughts.