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Using Rdio - Collection

Last Updated: Mar 18, 2014

Your Collection

Your Collection is a list of all your favorite artists, albums, and songs on Rdio. There's no limit to how much music you can put in your Collection, so add as many artists, albums and songs as you want.

Building Your Collection

The fastest way to get your Collection started is by downloading the Rdio desktop app and using its Match Collection functionality. It will read through the music in your iTunes or Windows Media Player library and add the matches it discovers to your Rdio Collection.

To add individual albums or songs to your Collection via Rdio's website, hover your mouse over Album art and use the action menu  or visit the album page, and select Add Album.

To remove an album or song from your Collection, click the  indicator, then click the X next to "In Collection"

See the iPhone, iPad,  Android, Windows Phone or BlackBerry guides to learn how to manage your Collection from Rdio's mobile apps.

Collection Page

Once you’ve added music to your Collection, use the Collection pages to filter, sort, and keep track of everything that’s there. You can sort your Collection by Artist, Album, Recently Added or Play Count. Click the list icon to view as a list, or the tile icon to view Album covers. 

Click on the Artist List button  to show or hide a list of Artist names next to your Collection. 

Collection Sorting

Use the Filter searchbar to sift through your tunes.  As you type, the live search will update your results accordingly.

Search results will update according to the current sorting method. If you're sorting by Artist, it will search for Artists that match your search terms first. If you're sorting by Album, matching Albums will appear first, etc.

How do I shuffle my Collection?

Click the "Play Station" button at the top of the Collection page to automatically start playing a shuffled mix of songs from your Collection (or anyone else's).

Please note: you'll need to have at least 25 songs in your Collection for the the Play Station option to appear.

For more information on Stations, visit the Stations article.

Can I reset my Collection?

Yes, you can reset your Collection by using the Reset Collection tool in your account’s Advanced Settings. Hover your mouse over your name in the upper right-hand corner and click Settings. 

Select the Advanced tab and you’ll see the options available for resetting your Collection, your synced Collection, or both.