Rdio Help Center


Last Updated: Aug 26, 2013

How do I access the Player?

Click the “little list” icon at the bottom of your screen to expand the Player.

What is the Player?

The Player is a list of songs, albums, playlists and stations you'd like to listen to. Whenever the item you're currently listening to finishes, whatever's queued up will take its place. We use the Player for keeping track of new (and old) music discoveries, recommendations, and other items on our musical “to-do” list.

How do I queue music to Play Later?

Add albums or songs to the Up Next section of your Player by hovering over the action menu and selecting "Play Later."

You can also drag and drop albums from anywhere on the site directly to the Player's "little list" icon at the bottom of the page.

Manage your Player.

From the fullscreen Player, you can manage your currently playing music: view upcoming tunes, play a specific artist/album/song, or delete an item.

Click the upward arrow to move that album, playlist, or song straight to the top of your Up Next. Click the 'x' to remove an item entirely.

Turn AutoPlay ON or OFF.

By default, the Player will play more music similar to what you just played when your queued music runs out. Use the ON/OFF switch at the bottom of the player to turn your AutoPlay ON or OFF.

What about shuffle and repeat?

You'll find the shuffle and repeat controls at the bottom of the screen. Click repeat once to repeat the whole item, or twice to repeat a single song.