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Last Updated: Jan 20, 2015
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Getting the app

From your Android device, visit www.rdio.com or tap this link to download the Rdio app from the Google Play Store — it requires Android 2.2 or newer.

Your Favorites

Your Favorites is a list of your favorite artists, albums, songs, playlists and Stations all in one place.

To add music to your Favorites, find an album or song and longpress (tap and hold for a few seconds) the album artwork or track name. Then, select “Add to Favorites” or “Download to Mobile.”

To remove music from your Favorites, tap the artist name and select an album. If you want to remove the whole album, tap the green check next to the album name. For individual tracks, longpress on the individual track.

Download to Mobile

Downloaded music is stored directly on your device, and does not need a WiFi or data connection to play. Download as much music as will fit in your mobile device’s storage, and it will remain on the device as long as you have an active Unlimited subscription.

Managing Download music

To Download music, find an album or song, longpress the album artwork or track, and select Download to Mobile. Music downloaded to your device is marked with an orange device icon. You can also manage your downloaded music on Rdio.com. Your device will download newly added music the next time you launch the Rdio for Android app.

To remove albums and songs from your downloaded Favorites just longpress on the album artwork and select Remove from Mobile.

How does music download to Android?

Music begins downloading when you launch the Rdio app, and it will run until fully downloaded or until you exit the app.

Under Settings, you can choose to download automatically over WiFi Only if you don't have an unlimited data plan. If you’d rather disable automatic downloading completely, select Never—downloading will only occur when you manually tap the Download button.

Under Download, you can manually start downloading (or view download progress). Tap the button on the bottom of the screen to pause or resume downloading. An icon will appear in the phone’s header when the phone is downloading.

Setting a custom storage location

If you have a device where the app is not automatically storing to your SD card, you can change the location as described here.

Customizing your music experience

Open up the expanded player by tapping the play bar at the bottom of your screen. Here you can view the artwork for the currently playing track, scroll down to view your Play Later queue, and toggle on or off the AutoPlay feature.

To add more music to your Play Later queue, simply longpress any album, track or playlist and select "Play Later"

If you're listening to a Station, you'll see the Adventurous Slider directly beneath the album artwork. Switch this towards Adventurous to hear more unfamiliar music and discover some new favorites. Press the thumbs up for tracks you love to hear more like it and thumbs down on tracks that aren't your favorites to never hear them again.



Play music that is not in your Favorites by tapping the search icon in the upper l haeftnd corner of the app.

Type the desired artist name, song or album, and results will be automatically sorted by Artists, Albums, Songs, and Playlists. Scroll and tap the desired Artist, Album or Song to begin playing music. Use your Device’s hardware back button to navigate backwards through your results.

You can also listen to Artist Radio by navigating to an Artist’s page and selecting "Start Artist Station". If you select an artist’s name from search, it will open the Artist’s page. Scroll down to browse Popular albums and Popular songs. If you want to see more music, tap More Albums or Songs.

Streaming Quality

Rdio will automatically adjust streaming quality as determined by network conditions. To adjust this manually, go to Settings and select the stream quality. You can select Stream Quality settings on Wi-Fi and Mobile Network. You'll get a bitrate between 96 kbit/s and 320 kbit/s depending on this setting and your connection speed. Setting this to “High” will force the app to always try for 320kbit/s.

Sleep Timer

Go to Settings > Sleep Timer and select how long you want the app to play before turning off. You can use this feature to save on data use and battery life if you want to listen only for a set amount of time.

Online and Offline modes

While offline, you can listen to the music you've downloaded to your phone. To manually switch between Online and Offline Mode, head to Settings, then "Go Online" or "Go Offline."

Creating a Playlist

You can view your own playlists, ones on which you’re collaborating, and playlists you are subscribed to in the left-hand navigation menu. You can also create new playlists, edit existing ones, and download playlists for offline access.

Note: when you download a playlist, the tracks are not available in your Offline Favorites (you'll need to go to Playlists to listen to these tracks offline).

To create a new playlist, longpress any song and select “Add to Playlist.” Then choose the “New Playlist...” option at the top.

Add tracks or entire albums to your existing playlists by longpressing the song title or album artwork and selecting “Add to Playlist.” Choose which playlist you would like to add to from the menu.

To delete a song from a playlist, open your playlist, longpress the song, and select “Remove from Playlist."​


Here you can see a record of what you’ve been listening to on Rdio.

New Releases

Stay up-to-date on new music via the New Releases section. View new releases from this week, last week or two weeks ago.

Remote Control Mode

When Rdio is active on another device, you’ll see “Rdio is playing elsewhere” in the now playing bar at the bottom of the app. In this mode, you’ll be able to play/pause the music, change what’s playing, and toggle shuffle and repeat controls remotely.

To play Rdio from your phone instead, tap the album art to enter Now Playing mode and select "Tap to play here instead".

Shuffle and Repeat

In the Now Playing view, you can manage the Repeat and Shuffle controls.