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Signing up for Rdio on iOS

Last Updated: Mar 17, 2014

Account Creation

To create an account, visit Rdio.com from your iPhone, or download the Rdio app in the App Store.

Once you have the Rdio app on your phone, launch it and tap Try Rdio for Free to get started. Choose to sign in with Facebook, or enter your email address and Rdio will email you a confirmation link. If necessary, you can edit your email address or resend the confirmation by hitting the Edit Address or Resend button.

A confirmation email from no-reply@rdio.com will be sent to you asking to verify your email address. The link will send you to the Rdio website. If you already have the Rdio app, click the Open Link in Rdio App button.



Enter your account details and tap Save. A Terms of Service pop-up will appear. Once you Accept, you’ll be logged into the iPhone’s Rdio dashboard. Happy listening!

If you need help figuring out what to do from here, check out out the iPhone App Guide.