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Last Updated: Sep 04, 2014

How does my BlackBerry handle downloading?

A Download icon will appear in the header when music is ready to be downloaded. View the Sync tab to see progress and immediately start downloading. When you navigate away from the Sync screen, it will briefly pause downloading. It will begin again once you've been idle for 60 seconds.

Download Problems?

To manually start downloading, visit the 'Sync' tab. If your phone is still unable to download, you may see one of the following messages: "Your memory card is full. Remove songs or change cards." or "Your battery is too low to sync. Please plug in charger."

How do I switch between Online and Offline Mode?

While offline, you can listen to music you've downloaded to your BlackBerry. To manually switch between Online and Offline Mode, press the Menu key and select Settings. Select On or Off for Offline Mode.

How do I manage music in my Favorites?

In the BlackBerry app, you can add or remove albums and songs from your Favorites. To add music from Your Network, select the album and tap your BlackBerry's Menu button. Select Add to Collection or Make Available Offline.

You can also use the Search toolbar to add music. Within the Search tab, type an artist, album, or song name. Scroll down to select the desired listing, click the Menu button and click Add to Collection or Make Available Offline. To add a song, select the album and scroll down to select the song. Open the menu and select Add to Collection or Sync to Phone.

To remove music, select the album (or song) and open the Menu. Select Remove from Collection.

How do I manage music that's downloaded in my Offline Favorites?

Downloaded music is marked with an orange dot. To add music to your Offline Favorites, find the music you'd like to add and tap your BlackBerry's Menu button. Select Make Available Offline. To remove an album from your Offline Favorites, open the Menu and select Remove from Phone.

If you exchange your external memory card, you'll need to re-download your Offline Favorites.

What can I do with playlists?

You can access playlists in both the Playlist tab and the Your Network tab. To download a playlist for offline playback, tap the Menu button while viewing and select Sync to Phone.