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Windows Phone App Guide

Last Updated: Sep 04, 2014

What can I do with the Rdio for Windows Phone app?

With the Rdio for Window Phone app, you can browse and listen to your Rdio Favorites and Playlists, and Download them for offline play. You can also search for and play music that’s not yet in your Favorites. The Artist Rdio Station feature helps you discover new music. See what your friends are listening to with your network’s Heavy Rotation.

How can I see what my friend’s are listening to?

Launch the app from either Music + Video in the phone’s home screen, or swipe right and select Rdio from the App list. Scroll through the Heavy Rotation to see what your network of friends is listening to. Simply tap any album you want to hear, and select the first song to start listening.

How do I access music in my Favorites?

To access music in your Favorites, swipe right from the Heavy Rotation home screen of the app and tap collection.

Select an artist’s name to see what albums you have in your Favorites and either tap the album you want to hear or scroll down and tap "More..." at the bottom to see all of the artist’s music.

What can I do with playlists?

Listen to your Playlists, along with Collaborative Playlists, and ones to which you’ve subscribed. Swipe right from Heavy Rotation and tap playlists. Swipe right and left to see playlists that are yours, subscribed and collaborations. Tap to select and play the playlist you’d like to hear.

How do I play music that isn’t in my Favorites?

Use the search function to find and listen to music that isn’t in your Favorites. From Rdio’s Heavy Rotation screen, swipe right and tap Search. Search will automatically look through songs, albums, and artists.