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Getting Content into Rdio

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2015
We strive to provide the best music experience for our listeners, and are passionate about providing the largest and broadest catalog of digital music.

For both artists and labels, we suggest working with a distributor or aggregator that already has a licensing agreement in place with us. This is the fastest way to get your music onto Rdio.

These companies work directly with independent artists to get music onto Rdio: If you are a larger label or owner of a catalog--and have a successful history of delivering high quality audio files (FLAC) and XML (in DDEX format), we might recommend you look at joining Merlin. Merlin is a global rights agency for independent labels including Beggars Group, Merge, PIAS, Epitaph, Domino, Kontor, The Mushroom Group among many others. Merlin exists to look after commercial interests of independents and license repertoire of its members to companies like Rdio. If you are not capable of delivering audio and metadata yourself, you must use a company such as: These companies can help you prepare your metadata so you can deliver it yourself.
The following partners are independent aggregators and distributors that work with both artists and labels and take on the responsibility of encoding and delivery while providing detailed and sometimes elegant accounting, reporting and analytics and offer marketing in addition.
For any other music catalog related questions, please contact us directly at content@rdio.com