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Download FAQ

Last Updated: Mar 17, 2014

How do I download music?

Based on licensing rights, some songs and albums are available as DRM-free MP3 downloads (please note that downloads are currently available in the US & CA only).

To purchase music from Rdio's web site, click "Buy MP3s" on the album page, or select the '+' icon next to all Playlists, albums and songs and click "Download Song".

How much are downloads?

If a song or album is available for purchase, click on 'Buy MP3s' or 'Download' in the song or album's action menu to find the download price. You may need to scroll down the purchase window to view the price.  

How can I pay for my downloads?

If you already have a payment profile associated with your account, you can click continue to proceed with the download.

If you don’t have a payment profile, or wish to pay using a different profile, add your payment information and click continue. 

Where can I find my downloads?

The Rdio desktop apps will manage your downloads. You'll need to download the desktop app to download your purchased tracks. Find out more about our desktop apps here.

After you click continue, a purchase confirmation pop-up will appear. If you are not using the desktop app, click 'Launch Rdio' to initiate the download. If you are using the desktop app, downloading will begin immediately.

Rdio's desktop apps (which do the actual downloading of the music) make a folder called Rdio Downloads inside your current music folder, and place music downloads inside this folder.

To find your locally stored music downloads:

  • For Mac: View UserName/Music/Rdio Downloads folder on your computer. 
  • For PC: View C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Music\Rdio Downloads (Note: may be different if you are using Vista). 

Downloaded songs and albums are also automatically added to your iTunes or Windows Media Player library. 

Can I re-download songs and albums? 

No. Since downloads are DRM-free MP3s, you can only download the song or album once. You may want to back up your music files by transferring your music downloads to your compatible devices.

For issues pertaining to download payment, please contact us.