Rdio Help Center


Last Updated: Mar 17, 2014

How do I connect my Rdio account to Roku?

Search the Roku Channel Store for the Rdio app, then add it to your home screen. Launch it, click on your Collection (or Playlists) and you'll be prompted to connect with your Rdio account. 

To do this, go to http://www.rdio.com/roku from your computer and enter the unique Roku code from your TV screen there. (You'll need to be logged into your Rdio account to do this.)

How many TVs can I use the Rdio channel on?

You can add the Rdio channel to as many TVs as you like—however, as with other devices, you can only listen from one device at a time.

Do I need a specific subscription to access Rdio on Roku?

Roku access is included in the Rdio Unlimited ($9.99/mo) subscription only. If you try to connect using an account with a Web-only subscription, you’ll be prompted to Upgrade.

Introducing the Roku Beta!

Interested in using the latest Beta build of our Roku app? You'll find the newest features available in this version and we'd love to hear your feedback after you've tested it out.

​Note: since this is Beta software, you may experience more glitches and bugs than usual. Let us know your feedback at help@rd.io.

To install the Roku Beta, visit https://owner.roku.com/add/rdiobeta and sign in to your Roku account.