Rdio Help Center


Last Updated: Nov 27, 2014

How do I connect my Rdio account to Roku?

Search the Roku Channel Store for the Rdio app, then add it to your home screen. Launch it, click on Your Collection (or Playlists) and you'll be prompted to connect with your Rdio account.

How do sign in?

Just launch Rdio on your Roku and enter your Rdio username/email and password.

If you don’t have an Rdio account, no problem, you can create one through Roku. Just select, ‘Sign Up’ and follow the prompts.

What is Trending?

Trending is the music that is currently popular. To see what’s popular in your country, select Trending (Everyone). To see what’s popular with the people you follow, select Trending (People you follow).

How can I change my Trending view to show me People I follow?

You can change your Trending options in the Roku menu. Just press the ‘*’ button, use the arrows to highlight your choice, and press ‘OK’.

Where’s my Listening History and my YouFM station?

While Rdio on Roku doesn’t display your extended Listening History, it will show you 10 of your most recently listened to albums. You can find this in the Keep Listening section, located directly below the main Menu.

To find your YouFM station, go to #10 in Keep Listening. This is currently, the only way to locate your YouFM station.

Where are my Favorites?

You can find your Favorites under the menu item called ‘Your Music’.

To keep things simple, we’ve included your Top Albums at the top. This a list of your most listened to albums on Rdio.

Below you will find your Collection Overview. This includes 50 of your most recently Favorited albums or songs. Playlists can be found here too. Scroll down to find Your Playlists, Collaborated Playlists and Subscribed Playlists.

If you’re new to Rdio, or you want to add more music to your Favorites, just press the ‘*’ button on your Roku remote and select ‘Add album/song/playlist to Collection’ from the menu.

How come I can’t see all of the albums I Favorited in my Collection?

In order to prevent Roku from being an overwhelming experience, we’ve limited the number of albums displayed to 50. Remember, if you don’t see something in your Favorites, you can always look it up in Search.

How can I stop Rdio from playing music after I’m done listening to this album?

Right now, there’s no way to turn off AutoPlay on Roku.

Can I thumbs up/down songs within a station?

You sure can. Just use the arrows on your Roku remote to highlight the thumb you want and press ‘OK’.

If thumbing down a song seems to extreme, you can highlight the skip feature and press ‘OK’ to go to the next song.

How do I enable shuffle?

If you are an Rdio Unlimited subscriber, simply select an album or playlist, then press the "*" button on the Roku remote, and select the shuffle option from the menu.

How many TVs can I use the Rdio channel on?

You can add the Rdio channel to as many TVs as you like—however, as with other devices, you can only listen from one device at a time.

Do I need a specific subscription to access Rdio on Roku?

Free users can listen to stations on Roku. To listen to an album, song, or playlist, you will need an Rdio Unlimited subscription ($9.99/month). If you try to connect using an account with a Web-only subscription, you’ll be prompted to Upgrade.