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Rdio for Mac Troubleshooting

Last Updated: Sep 04, 2014

Auto update not working

If your installation won't auto update, check your ~/Library/Internet Plugins folder to see if 'ClickToFlash.webplugin' is there — it comes with its own version of Sparkle (which we use for auto-updating), which seems to be conflicting with Rdio's version of Sparkle. To work around this, update to 1.6b9 of the plugin here, or try (temporarily) moving ClickToFlash somewhere else, and restarting Rdio for Mac.

Album art not loading correctly

If you believe any album art has loaded incorrectly, you can try deleting the folder that local album art is cached in ~/Library/Application Support/Rdio/AlbumArtCache/ and then restarting Rdio.

What if the app is crashing?

While we don't anticipate this happening, console logs will help us investigate the problem. Find out more about sending us your streaming logs here.

What if my Play/Pause buttons aren't working?

Check and see if you have CoverSutra, or any other app that also interacts with your keyboard's Play/Pause/Next/Previous buttons. To test, deactivate the app and see if Rdio's buttons start working.