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Protected Accounts

Last Updated: Feb 13, 2015

Rdio allows you to control your account's privacy by making it protected. With a protected account, your full Rdio profile (including your Favorites, playlists and listening activity) is private and only visible to people you've approved.

To set up or modify your account protection settings, click on Settings, then click Advanced.

When a new visitor tries to view your protected account, they'll see a lock icon next to your username with a 'request to follow' link. You'll need to manually approve the request.


When an unapproved user visits a playlist belonging to a protected account, they will see a notification that the playlist is part of a protected account, and they won't be able to access the playlist without requesting Follower access.

Note: if you have a protected account, you won't be able to have publicly collaborative playlists. Your collaborative playlists can still be edited by your followers.


Your comments are always visible to the public, even if your account is set to protected.

Managing requests

You can manage Follower requests in the Notification section of your account. At any time, you can view all your followers, view pending requests and delete followers from your own Rdio profile page.

Note: you can undo an accidental approval as well as see previously hidden requests from this view.

Please contact Rdio support with any questions you may have about protected accounts.