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Synced music disappears or won't play while in offline mode.

Ted Swanson Dec 16, 2011 11:26AM PST

I have found the offline mode to be intermittently unreliable on my iPad and have not found any pattern to the issues I'm encountering. I will sometimes find all of my offline music has completely disappeared. Other times I will find albums that appear to be there while in offline mode simply will not play. Sometimes while in offline mode, music that will play does not display any album art.

The "disappearing" offline music is extremely frustrating, especially since I travel every week and it's infuriating to turn on my iPad on a 3 hour plane trip and find I suddenly have nothing to listen to.

I am on the iPad 1, have the latest iOS 5.0.1 update, and Rdio version 1.3.0. I have deleted and re-installed the Rdio app as has been previously suggested in other threads of a similar nature. This is clearly not a viable or desirable resolution since it requires me to re-sync all my music and hasn't prevent these offline issues from re-occurring.

I really do not want to give up on Rdio because I find the service, music organization, and apps to be far superior to other streaming providers, but the unreliability of the offline mode for me is making it hard to continue my subscription. Help!

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Vivian Rdio Employee Dec 19, 2011 02:23PM PST

Hi Ted,

Thanks for checking in with us on this—often with a recent update to 1.30 and iOS 5.01, this wipe of synced songs seems to be caused by a recent switch within the iOS caching/storing requirements.

With iOS 5, Apple required us to moved synced data to a cached directory (where it couldn't be backed up, and might be erased by device "Cleaning"). However, with the releases of 5.0.1, a new directory allows files be stored where they won't be backed up to iCloud, but also won't be erased from your device by iOS Cleaning.

When the app is upgraded, it seems like the iOS device often clears the original cached files for the switch to the new, non-cached directory.

With both the iOS 5.0.1 update and the most recent Rdio App update complete, you shouldn't encounter a need to re-sync the whole Collection like this in the future. If you continue seeing this on a regular basis, please do let us know.


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Christopher Kahle Dec 20, 2011 04:02PM PST

I'm having the same problem as Ted here quite frequently despite the fact that all my things are up to date. Any advice on how to fix this problem. It's getting super annoying getting on the train and noticing my offline playlists are suddenly gone.

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Anirudh Sridhar Dec 22, 2011 02:25PM PST

I am having similar problems. Seeing my offline songs magically disappear inspite of having everything up to date is one among the many other sync problems I am having.

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Chris Wisniewski Sep 10, 2012 06:24AM PDT

I'm having the exact same problem, with ipad2 app. Previously I was able to fix by toggling back and forth between online and offline mode, or (in some cases) by hard closing the Rdio app. However, this time it tells me I have *no* offline content synced at all. I have tried both of those solutions as well as a hard re-boot of the ipad, and still do not have my offline content back.

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Emilie B. Rdio Employee Sep 10, 2012 04:11PM PDT

Hi Chris,

Can you make sure your app is fully updated to the latest version? If so, we'd love to get some more details on your specific case.

How often does this occur? In online mode do the songs appear to be synced with the orange icon? If you try resyncing just a few items, or a playlist, will those reappear in offline mode?

Email in to help@rdio.com att: Emilie B and I'll see to it ASAP.


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