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Price discrepancy

Brad Fortin Aug 01, 2012 08:37PM PDT

The Rdio Unlimited plan is $9.99 if purchased from the website, but $14.99 if purchased from the iOS app. Responses from Rdio employees here in the Help Center say it's because of Apple's 30% cut, but... Rdio's not allowed to do that:

"If you would like to make a subscription offer outside of the app, the same (or better) subscription price must be offered inside the app for users who wish to subscribe from within the app." - (https://developer.apple.com/appstore/in-app-purchase/subscriptions.html)

That is, unless Rdio WANTS to be kicked out of the App Store for violating the rules?

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Scott Pickus Aug 03, 2012 09:39AM PDT

Apple eliminated this restriction (I'm surprised they didn't update the link you posted). The App Store Review guidelines in the developer center were updated.

"11.14 Apps can read or play approved content (specifically magazines, newspapers, books, audio, music, and video) that is subscribed to or purchased outside of the app, as long as there is no button or external link in the app to purchase the approved content. Apple will not receive any portion of the revenues for approved content that is subscribed to or purchased outside of the app"


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Paul Dunahoo Aug 17, 2012 06:34AM PDT

I'd love to see the price drop to the correct price. I subscribed via iTunes, not realizing that the price was higher.

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Emilie B. Rdio Employee Aug 17, 2012 12:09PM PDT

Hi Paul,

Thank you for checking in with us on this. If you’d prefer to subscribe through Rdio.com directly, you’ll need to first cancel your in-app payments. To do this:

1. Go to the App Store on your iOS device
2. Scroll to the bottom
3. Tap "Apple ID: {your Apple ID email}
4. Tap "View Apple ID"
5. Log in if it asks you to
6. Scroll down to Subscriptions and tap Manage
7. Set the Rdio subscription slider to "Off"

(See Apple's help article for further details: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4098)

Once you’ve canceled in-app, if you’ll let me know, I can remove the iTunes payment block from your Rdio.com account, so you’ll be able to resubscribe there right away.


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Kjell Nygren Mar 03, 2013 07:34AM PST

I'm in the same boat. An alert that it's cheaper through the website would have been helpful. Or just don't use the inApp purchase method.

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