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copy entire playlist

Scott Lohr Nov 06, 2013 11:52AM PST

For some reason I can't figure this out. It seems like a simple feature that should just be there but has anyone figured out how to copy an entire playlist?

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Ingo Rdio Employee Nov 07, 2013 04:41PM PST

Hi Scott,

Thanks for writing in. You cannot copy a playlist. If I may ask, where would you like to copy the playlist?


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Scott Lohr Nov 08, 2013 09:32AM PST

Hi Ingo,

Thanks for the fast response!

Actually I'd like to just copy a current one I have and then give it a new name within my playlist listing.

In my particular use case I create new playlists that share quite a few songs. So instead of creating one fresh I'd like to copy an existing one, remove the old songs, then add the new songs.

My playlists become a moving window of what I'm currently listening too and what I was listening too circa January 2013, November 2013, etc. This is how I currently manage playlists in iTunes. I have playlists going back to 2005 so it's really fun resurrecting a point-in-time playlist and listening to what I got tired of as well as see what I'm still digging to this day.

I admit this is probably a rare use case amongst others though.


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Ingo Rdio Employee Nov 08, 2013 01:17PM PST

Hi Scott,

Thanks for elaborating. I can see how being able to copy a playlist would be useful in this scenario, and I’ll share your suggestion with our product team.


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jean-guy talbot Dec 31, 2013 10:38AM PST

I want this feature today. I make playlists for whomever comes over for dinner, trying to make a mix that appeals to everyone as best as possible.

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Alec Stone Sweet May 15, 2014 12:29AM PDT

The situation is irdiculous - see the thread under "merging playlists." Rdio does itself no favors with its unresponsive - "I'll forward the suggestion" - posture. It's been years since this issue was raised, and it's simple to do in spotify and other services.

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Brent Michael Jul 25, 2014 06:59PM PDT

This feature needs to be added…..Please allow us to copy and rename playlists.

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Radamel Rendez Oct 03, 2014 03:08PM PDT

I agree with Brett Michaels, this is ridiculous. Why exactly is this prohibited????

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