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Offline synced playlist stops playing all the time

Raquel Noctie Dec 26, 2012 12:33PM PST

Like the title says, sometimes a synced playlist in offline mode just stops playing, it happened twice today in 1 hour, it just doesnt switch to the next song for some reason, i have to do it manually then it will work fine for some time till it happens again. I use this feature to listen to music while running so this is a very annoying issue and a deal breaker for me, is this a known issue and is there any fix ?

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Kevin Ebaugh Rdio Employee Dec 26, 2012 12:48PM PST

Hi Raquel,

Thanks for checking in with us on this. Here are some suggestions for preliminary troubleshooting:

1. Restart your device. Does the problem persist after a restart?
2. Upgrade to the most recent version of the app, the bug you encountered may have already been fixed in our most recent update.
3. Are you using a standard ROM? While we obviously don't anticipate any issues with running Rdio on rooted/non-standard ROMs, it's not something we test on.

If none of those do the trick, completely wipe the application from your device, and reinstall. Here’s how to do so:

1. Uninstall the Rdio app from Settings>applications>manage apps>Downloaded. Find Rdio in the list, select it, then tap 'Uninstall.'
2. After uninstalling the app from your device, plug the device into your computer, and select "USB Mass Storage" to add or remove files.
3. Next, make sure the Rdio app file (directory location: Android>Data>com.rdio.android.ui) has been deleted, and empty your trash.
4. Go to the Google Play Store from your device, and download and reinstall the Rdio app for Android

Let me know if the trouble persists after trying the above and we'll go from there.

Thanks for your patience,

Kevin Ebaugh | http://rd.io/people/kev

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Raquel Noctie Dec 26, 2012 01:07PM PST

It was the first time i tried the offline mode so i dunno if restarting will help, i'll try it. Yes, i am running latest rdio version, stock ROM and ICS 4.0.3.

Thanks for the fast reply, i'll let you know if it happens again after following your instructions =)

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Raquel Noctie Dec 31, 2012 01:24PM PST

Well i did everything you suggested but it still happens every time i use rdio offline, i did some digging and this seems to be an old issue that was reported more than a year ago in this exact same forum, no fix so far. I guess i'll have to switch to spotify, its my only issue with rdio but its a deal breaker :\

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Kevin Ebaugh Rdio Employee Jan 02, 2013 02:16PM PST

Hi Raquel,

At this point, we'd like to take a look at logs from your device to shed light on what may be going on. Next time you experience issues, please head to Help > Submit App Log.

Please respond here once you've sent the logs, and I'll have our engineering team take a look.

Thanks for your patience,

Kevin Ebaugh | http://rd.io/people/kev

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