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Craig Popovich Dec 28, 2012 12:40PM PST

I have music on my computer that I would like to import to Rdio, but the "Match Collection" feature doesn't seem to be working for me, as it only imports a few songs rather than all of my music, which I have in folders under Libraries - Music - (Album Name) - (Song Name). I know in Spotify that users had the ability to choose where to import from, but it seems to me that this is not the case in Rdio. Is there a way to import my songs to Rdio so I do not have to open my Library on my computer to play my songs? Thanks.

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Kevin Ebaugh Rdio Employee Dec 28, 2012 12:43PM PST

Hi Craig,

Thanks for checking in with us on this. The ability to play local files isn’t currently on our roadmap for a couple of specific reasons: local files aren’t social in the way that our user experience calls for, and managing them adds overhead (they need to have good metadata, you need to keep them backed up, etc).

If this changes down the line, we'll send you an update.


Kevin Ebaugh | http://rd.io/people/kev

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Craig Popovich Dec 28, 2012 12:46PM PST

Thanks for the quick response again, Kevin. I, personally, believe this is a feature that is worth looking into.

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Anderson Supriano Mar 25, 2013 01:08PM PDT

It's very frustrating to have to use one app for most of songs (rdio) and when I need something else I need to switch to another app. I can't even use it in a random way.

Spotify does that and I'm seriously thinking to switch to it because rdio doens't have all music in the world and for music that is not on its catalog the local files feature should solve this problem.

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Nathan Lilienthal May 15, 2013 09:18AM PDT

I'm currently looking into switching to using a subscription based music application, I'm finding the choice very difficult because no option is perfect. Spotify has a lot of what I want, but lacks a clean and usable UI. Rdio seems way better, however not being able to play music that isn't on Rdio is a HUGE deal. I listen to a lot of different music, and there are a millon remixes, songs, and whole albums that I love, that are simply not on Rdio or Spotify. I understand being social is a big part of Rdio, but I can't be forced to use multiple music applications, plus I'd love to be able to shuffle my collection and hear music I added from Rdio and music I added from my hard drive.

When a user adds a local song to his/her collection Rdio could sync it just as they sync other songs, just protected for that user. (I'm a little unsure of the legal issues there, but if it's DRM free it should be ok) It could even be looked up by Name/Artist on other peoples accounts to see if they have it and then treated as any other song. If a user doesn't have it, a prompt could inform the user to import the song. Still social, and allows users to use Rdio for all their music.

I'm writing this because I'd love to pay $10 a month for a service to replace iTunes, and 100% local music management. As things stand now I'll be very sad to lose my local music that isn't on Rdio. As a future Rdio user, I'm really hoping this gets looked at and reevaluated.

Otherwise I love your product, keep up the fantastic work.
- nixpulvis

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Emilie B. Rdio Employee May 15, 2013 01:00PM PDT

Hi everyone,

Thank you for continuing to update this thread, while local music fileback is still not something we are considering at time, we appreciate the continued interest and feedback.

Please stay tuned to blog.rdio.com and @rdio for news and updates.


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Charles McRae Jun 11, 2013 11:52AM PDT

I'm currently in the middle of the free rdio trail. I am a spotify user and the rdio user interface pretty much blows spotify a way, but the local file issue is a big deal for me. I will not be a subscriber until there is support for local files.


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Simon Stafferton Jun 27, 2013 06:09AM PDT

Building in local file import is a simple issue.

Without it, people are and will continue to be put off switching, or leave as they realise they want an all in one solution for music.

With it, more people will switch. The overheads are not that great - simple and cheap sound recognition can add full meta data to most files, and surely backups could be handled with a dropbox sync up or something similar? These files can then be excluded from sharing socially if thats a big concern.

Result? More profit for you, happier users.

Please don't continue to let original goals or vision stand in the way of growth & progress.


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Eugenio Grigolon Jul 25, 2013 10:47AM PDT

I'll try rdio for a couple of months, and if this feature is not available any time soon, I'll move to iTunes Match, unfortunately.

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JJ Sereday Aug 06, 2013 07:54PM PDT

Yea this is a HUGE deal. I recently subscribed because I absolutely love what Rdio offers but local file integration is absolutely essential. We dont want to switch back and forth between Rdio, iTunes, and Spotify - we want to use one service. The selection of music on Rdio felt slightly limited compared to Spotify but I would have been find with that if I could play my iTunes library from Rdio.

Sorry but until you implement local music files I will be forced to switch to Spotify.

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John Migelius Aug 13, 2013 01:03PM PDT

Among all the music services, none that I know of allow us to fill in the gaps of their library with local files and stream on demand from a phone. It's a surprising oversight. For those who have a computer at home that's always online, Subsonic (http://www.subsonic.org) might suit, but it is a little tricky to configure.

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Charles McLaughlin Aug 15, 2013 09:39AM PDT

I would love to see this feature added. Not only do I want it, I really need it.

As music enthusiasts, we have huge local libraries. Rdio and similar streaming services are relatively new and while the selection is great, it's not a direct replacement for 10+ years of collecting and curating local files.

As other's have mentioned on this thread, switching between two apps for local playback and Rdio for streaming (and songs purchased and downloaded from Rdio) isn't ideal. Spotify supports local playback, but overall I prefer Rdio. Spotify doesn't support editing ID3 tags, so if you do implement this feature please do a good job. I understand it's a non-trivial feature and could take some time to do well. I use Clementine to manage my collection, so perhaps look there for some inspiration. The ability to manage and move files around, bulk tag editing, guessing tags, etc are really useful.

Ultimately, this feature will help us use Rdio more and in turn we're more likely to upgrade to a higher paying plan and buy more new music from you.

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Rhys Hiscock Aug 27, 2013 04:04AM PDT

Join me in the campaign to make Rdio add this feature.


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Charlie Griefer Sep 18, 2013 07:47AM PDT

I'm also a current Spotify user looking to make the move to Rdio. I've been happy with Spotify, but looking here because Rdio offers the family plan, and I'd like to get 4 accounts set up. I agree with the consensus that the UI for Rdio absolutely blows Spotify away. In the short time that I've been evaluating Rdio, I've been very impressed.

But yes, I'd like to add my vote here for the ability to import local files. As others have said, it's a hassle to have to rely on 2 different music apps to listen to one's music. I'd like to add certain local files that aren't on Rdio to current Rdio playlists.

It's not a dealbreaker to me. I'll likely still make the switch from Spotify, as I see other advantages to Rdio for my family and me. But the ability to import local files _is_ something "the other guys" do, so while I understand it may be non-trivial, it should be doable. It also seems to be something people do want. Adding my voice here just to let the Rdio folks know that there are those of us who do think this is an important feature that's currently lacking in the service.

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William Dahab Sep 18, 2013 01:46PM PDT

I just want to put my voice behind this, as it's one of the reasons that I switched from rdio to Spotify. Both Spotify and google music allow this (with slightly different implications) and it's a shame that rdio doesn't yet.

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Trevor Hartman Sep 20, 2013 08:43AM PDT


I'm in the process of re-evaluating Rdio and switching over from Spotify after having been a paid Spotify subscriber for a few years. The Rdio responses are a bit frustrating.

I understand from a product and UX perspective why you guys wouldn't want to support local files. It's messy, hard to make consistent with the existing (very-well-designed) experience, etc. But in the end, Rdio is (in my mind) at its core all about enabling users to listen whatever music they like and have a good experience doing so (you guys obviously pay a lot of attention to design and UX).

In some respects, your massive catalog makes this possible. But even your catalog doesn't intersect with all music people want to listen to. So you have 2 options to live up to this core value:

1. Add *all* requested music from http://on.rdio.com/CatalogReqs to your catalog within a reasonable time frame–say 1-2 months.
2. Enable people to bring their own music to make up for the many holes in your catalog

Since #1 is next-to-impossible in this age, it looks like you're stuck with #2. This isn't a "me too" feature. It's a practical necessity due to how slow and old-fashioned the music industry is. You have an opportunity to be the only streaming music service that does it well, too. Spotify's local music support is a hack.

Some interesting things you could do with it:
- Make it consistent with streaming music–just another album in your Collection
- If metadata is bad, let users manually match it against a music metadata database
- Gather analytics on the albums people are adding so you know what's missing in your catalog
- Sync it wirelessly to mobile clients

I'm sure you guys can think of a lot stuff than I can in 5 minutes.

The 3rd option is to do nothing, and remain being another service that's almost-great but doesn't actually address users' core needs.


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Emilie B. Rdio Employee Sep 22, 2013 12:29PM PDT

Hi everyone,

As of right now, local file playback is not something we plan on supporting. If that does change down the line we will be sure to update this thread.


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Emmanuele Massimi Sep 28, 2013 07:02AM PDT

This is simply ridiculous. This feature is vital for a service as limited as rdio. Half of my collection is missing from the library, and I have no way of listening to that unless I use 2 separate players. This is so inconvenient. I'm really surprised that despite the requests you still ignore this essential feature.

Makes me really think twice about keeping my subscription with you. I really hope Apple comes up with a decent service with iTunes in the cloud. Library matching and radio are already here. At this point for me rdio is just the least horrible music streaming service around, and I'm not a satisfied customer. I won't think twice about switching as soon as a viable alternative comes around.

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Staffan Vilcans Oct 07, 2013 02:34AM PDT

I am now testing Rdio, but generally I am using Tomahawk to play my music since it supports both local and streamed music. It can be expanded with plugins (called resolvers). It already has resolvers for Spotify and Last.fm. There is no resolver for Rdio yet, but is a requested feature.

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JN ArangoOrtiz Nov 26, 2013 10:13AM PST

I had been a Spotify user, as well and loved the fact that all my music was in one place. I actually had switched after got sick of Pandora and Google Music, where I have ALL my local media files uploaded to (there wasn't an app for it). Rdio is so much better in many aspects, but I, as well, am looking to be able to listen to the music I want to listen to all in one place.

I really do believe that it is an issue to consider and that stubbornness on the Rdio side of the discussion is a little disheartening.

I hate being the type of customer that threatens to leave, so I really would appreciate this feature being implemented. I am happy with Rdio right now and that would make me completely satisfied with it.


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T T Feb 28, 2014 12:30PM PST

I think Emilie B and/or Rdio are getting a little frustrated at the volume of parallel threads and requests on each of the threads for this feature, and have settled on a standard response to address these.

If Rdio provides a detailed response on their reasoning, the readers break apart the reasoning, offer solutions, complain about their reasoning (e.g. "metadata about the private collections may be absent"), and offer competitively available solutions.

If Rdio provides a pat response like the one above, it's just endlessly irritating to the community because people feel like they're being ignored on an important feature that competitors are already providing.

So the employees who are just trying to do their jobs are a bit stuck.

--This is a clearly a decision being made at the top, and the folks at the top mistakenly don't want to do this. The only way we're going to get change is if we either:

1) Organize and Spam the people at the top, or those they strongly trust, with this request, or

2) Emilie B or someone within Rdio compile a strong business case on the volume of requests both within and outside of the org for this, the users it will lure from other services, and the support the community is wiling to offer in exchange for doing this.

A top down option 1 approach is a little easier, but bottom up can work if the volume of posts around the community is large enough (which it obviously isn't, or they'd be paying attention).

One final note, in some ways Rdio is facing the same issues NETFLIX was when they tried to go to pure streaming, and initially ignored and eliminated their DVD users, which REALLY ticked people off. But unlike Netflix, Rdio doesn't have a parallel service where they can send their community to offer DVDs if something isn't available in their content library.

So people are understandably even more irritated, that their otherwise beautiful service isn't making much of an attempt to provide them the content they want. People feel ignored because they are being ignored, by a top down decision that misses an opportunity and doesn't provide an elegant solution.

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Morgan McCormick Apr 11, 2014 10:41AM PDT

bye bye rdio. hello spotify.

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Andrew G Oct 31, 2014 04:51PM PDT

As it's been over a year since the last update by an Rdio employee, and over 6 months since the last reply in general, I would like to reopen this topic for discussion. Rdio, your service is great and I am happy to pay your subscription fee to access it. However, you need to understand that you can not and will not ever be able to encompass the world's music into your system. Your only argument against implementing this much needed feature is the social aspect of your UI. I would be the first (but most definitely not the last) to say that your social aspect is not as prevalent as you may think. Rdio is not a social network, sorry. This feature is the difference between Rdio being just another Spotify or Pandora, to another level up.

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Bailey Smith Nov 21, 2014 09:22AM PST

So I DO think Rdio is a social network, and while the ability to sync local music isn't a game changer for me personally, I'm having a really hard time convincing my friends to come join me on Rdio because Spotify offers the ability to sync with iTunes. Thus, severely impacting my own user experience with Rdio. I don't want to recreate all my playlists on Spotify and that's pretty music the only thing keeping me here.

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