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  • WTF is with the ads?

    I realize of course that Rdio is done, but I was a paid subscriber until recently, when the last bil...

    0 Community Answers Nov 30, 2015 07:54PM PST
  • Data Export, Favorites and Playlists

    It's a pity and I am very sorry about the rundown of Rdio. Is it possible to save the infomration...

    1 Community Answer Nov 20, 2015 12:32PM PST
  • Can I call if "FREEZING"?

    Hello! I absolutely love you guys, you're great, but there something you need to know and need to fi...

    2 Rep Answers 2 Community Answers Nov 09, 2015 03:38PM PST
  • I am on windows 10

    is this web site free for listening to music

    1 Rep Answer 0 Community Answers Nov 04, 2015 08:57PM PST
  • Playlist issue

    New to Rdio. I'm having a strange issue with playlists. After listening to a few songs on a shuffled...

    5 Rep Answers 6 Community Answers Nov 02, 2015 11:41AM PST
  • Radio Station Playlist

    Hi, Just wondering how the playlists on radio stations generated. When I play pop or top hits sta...

    1 Rep Answer 0 Community Answers Oct 28, 2015 09:15PM PDT
  • Remote control doesn't work anymore

    Have you guys noticed that the remote control doesn't work anymore? I usually listen to my phone (An...

    1 Rep Answer 1 Community Answer Oct 23, 2015 11:11AM PDT
  • Cancellation

    I have logged in via computer to cancel my subscription but it doesn't allow me to complete the canc...

    1 Rep Answer 0 Community Answers Oct 21, 2015 08:59AM PDT
  • Won't let me change my subscription

    I followed the instructions to cancel my subscription, but it won't let me choose the Free option. ...

    2 Rep Answers 1 Community Answer Oct 19, 2015 06:41AM PDT
  • Shuffle Playlist will not turn off

    Hello, I chose to Shuffle my playlist but now I cannot "unshuffle". Clicking on the Shuffle button o...

    5 Rep Answers 9 Community Answers Oct 16, 2015 08:38AM PDT